Markus Joins Australian Thrash Band 4ARM

“Due to serious family issues John Paul Glovasa of 4ARM was forced to make the difficult decision to step down from his position as lead guitarist in the band! With a bunch of European festival dates coming up the 4ARM began the search for the man that would become the new lead guitarist of 4ARM. After hours of youtube clips and file sharing the guys narrowed in on Chicago-based guitarist Markus Johansson!”

‘We were able to kinda speak the same language right from the first time we met,’ says frontman Danny Tomb. ‘He just ticked all the right boxes for us, I really felt that I was already talking to “the new guy.”‘

Johansson who is a self taught lead guitarist from Chicago, U.S.A has kept busy through the years working on Sylencer’s A Lethal Dose of Truth with members from ANTHRAX, TESTAMENT, DREAM THEATER, HALFORD and FORBIDDEN.”


TWITTER: twitter.com/4armScars

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/4ARMofficial

Link: http://youtu.be/S9MVRJdajoU