#1010: Happy Birthday to drummer Scott Travis…

Q #2,006: Happy Birthday to drummer Scott Travis, who plays in what “holy” English metal band?


Scott Travis began his drumming career in his home state of Virginia, where he became well know in the area’s Hampton Roads music scene. After finding the area lacking in opportunities, he did what so many did and what many continue to do; he moved to Los Angeles.

Once in Los Angeles in the 80s, Scott’s first big break came from playing in the band Racer X, which featured future Mr. Big guitar phenom Paul Gilbert, and vocalist Jeff Martin. At one point Martin did backing vocals for Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and the two became friends. Halford had even gifted a song to Martin, ‘Heart of a Lion,’ that had been dropped for the Priest sessions of the ‘Turbo’ album. This song appeared on the second Racer X album ‘Second Heat,’ athe first with Scott Travis on drums.

When Jeff Martin found out that Priest was in need of a new drummer, his connection to Rob Haford helped secure the audition for Scott Travis. He landed a gig with a band that he had always dreamed of playing for, and has since become the longest standing drummer in Judas Priest history.