#1018: MOMENT OF METAL #199

Q #2,014: MOMENT OF METAL #199 – watch it here!


That song is ‘Downfall,’ which appears on the ninth Exodus studio album, 2010’s ‘Exhibit B: The Human Condition.’ Its prequel was ‘The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A,’ the first Exodus albums to not feature a lineup change since ‘Fabulous Disaster’ in 1989.

The album cover (below) is a take on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” sketch, and is meant to represent “man and his affinity for bloodshed, ignorance, and all-around ability to be led like sheep to the slaughter.”


The concept of the human condition is the underlying sense of morality and purpose within life as we know it. Most every religion seeks to explain the human condition, usually as a means to establish a sense of purpose and justice amidst the chaos and conflict. Many great minds have tackled the subject, from Plato’s ‘Republic,’ to Rene Descartes launching a more modern day philosophy stating “I think, therefore I am,” declaring the mind as a faculty of reason.

Guitarist and driving force Gary Holt writes the band’s lyrics, and should be considered a modern day existentialist himself, as he attempts to tackle the reasons for such atrocities in the world that he sees as absurd. The song ‘Downfall’ in particular, tackles the fall of governments through criminal economic recession, and warfare, as is the “human condition.”

The video for ‘Downfall‘ (above) was directed by Jon Schnepp, who had previously directed the video ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvw6QEbaW60&mc_cid=2684894ee0&mc_eid=6d556098c2’ off their previous album, and is also known for his work on ‘Metalocalypse’ on Adult Swim. In the video, vocalist Rob Dukes is wearing a “Venture Brothers” shirt, another Adult Swim show directed by Schnepp.

Gary Holt puts the whole world on trial in the video for ‘Downfall,’ and presents the court with Exhibits A & B, to be entered as evidence that even amidst a world gone mad, Exodus will always be some of the heaviest philosophy you can sink your teeth into.