#942 Destruction has ‘(BLANK) of Confusion’

Q #1,938: Genesis had ‘Land of Confusion,’ but Destruction has ‘_____ of Confusion’


That’d be ‘Days of Confusion’ from their 2001 album, ‘The Antichrist.’

Formed originally under the name Knight of Demon in 1982, German thrashers Destruction are considered to be a part of “The Big Four” of German thrash along with Kreator, Sodom, and Tankard. The early material of three of the four bands (sans Tankard) is even loosely credited with helping to spawn what would eventually become black metal.

It would seem that as Destruction and company refined their sounds into a thrash sound that countless bands would attempt to replicate, what they left behind launched another genre. Not a bad mark to leave on the collective metal scene. Also worth noting is that Destruction and Sodom are both three piece acts; not one US-based “Big Four” band was a trio, nor were many of the other thrash notables like Overkill, Exodus, or Death Angel.

As with most bands, Destruction has endured more than a few lineup changes since the band’s inception. Guitarist Mike Sifringer is the only member of Destruction to remain constant throughout the band’s career. Original bassist and vocalist Marcel Schirmer would appear on the band’s first three albums, which were all released by the label Steamhammer/SPV. Upon his departure from the band, Destruction released their fourth album “Cracked Brain” via Noise Records in 1990, with Poltergeist vocalist Andre Greider handling vocals. This would be his one appearance with Destruction.

The following period in the band’s history is referred to as the “Neo-Destruction” era. Guitarist Mike Sifringer self-financed releases for the Brain Butcher label, and these releases typically strayed from the thrash stylings that fans had come to expect from the band. Two EP’s and one album were released during the Neo era, from 1994 through 1998.

With the return of bassist and vocalist Marcel Shirmer in 1999, the band returned to form and signed to Nuclear Blast. The album ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ was released in 2000, with a quick follow up in 2001 with ‘The Antichrist.’ Both of these releases were produced by Hypocrisy mainman Peter Tagtgren, who seemingly helped get the band back on track. Destruction’s 2003 release ‘Metal Discharge’ would be the band’s last with Nuclear Blast, though Tagtgren would return to assist with the recording of the 2005 release ‘Inventor of Evil,’ released on the AFM label. This album featured a multitude of guest vocalists on the track ‘The Alliance of Hellhoundz,’ including Saxon’s Biff Byford, Doro Pesch, Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath, former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno, and Soilwork’s Bjorn “Speed” Strid.

Destruction returned to Nuclear Blast records in 2011 with their twelfth studio album, ‘Day of Reckoning.’ The band recently released their fourteenth album ‘Under Attack’ in May of 2016, which featured a very similar album cover to their 2001 release ‘The Antichrist.’