Johansson Shreds for Fluff & Pigtronix

Renowned YouTube gear demo extraordinaire Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, recently asked Markus to donate a little shred to his upcoming video for Pigtronix (with whom Markus is endorsed). Markus happily obliged, so if you’d like to see the end result of this collaborative effort, watch the video!


Markus’ guest solo is at about the one minute mark, but stick around for the pedal demos at the end, to see how this shred-enhancements do their thing!




Kramer Guitars & Fastback Custom Pickups Welcome Markus to their Artist Families

Markus will be shredding up the summer festivals with a Kramer Assault 220 Plus EMG.
Check out it’s specs HERE

Kramer Assault 220 Plus EMG

Markus Johansson - Kramer Guitars - Kramer Assault 220 Plus EMG

Additionally, Fastback Custom Pickups welcomed Markus with Fluff’s signature high gain pickups-The Beard Combers. Beard Combers are hand wound with modern high gain. They offer Mid and high transparent clarity, and allow for fast response and balanced tones for low tunings.

Markus Johansson - Fastback Custom Pickups - Beard Combers